[rfc-i] Referencing Emails

Julian Reschke julian.reschke at gmx.de
Tue Jun 13 23:57:31 PDT 2017

On 2017-06-13 22:43, Heather Flanagan (RFC Series Editor) wrote:
> On 3/11/17 6:05 AM, Julian Reschke wrote:
>> <https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-flanagan-7322bis-00#section->:
>>>  Referencing Email on Mailing Lists
>>>     When referencing emails to mailing lists, the template provided here
>>>     should be used:
>>>        [reftag] Sender, A., "Subject: Subject line", message to the
>>>        listname mailing list, DD Month YYYY, <URL >.
>> Including the day of month in a reference is something we haven't done
>> before, and which xml2rc won't do in references by default.
>> Given that we already have <reference>s that contain a day-of-month (for
>> internet drafts), is your suggestion to have this in ID references as
>> well? (that would at least be consistent, and consistency is good)
> Internet Draft references are styled after RFC references, which do not
> include a specific day of publication. I think email is a very different
> beast, and having a date specified helps the reader find the correct
> message. We're trying to being consistent in like-to-like things.
> I understand this may require a feature request for the next xml2rfc.

Actually, what's *more* helpful to the reader would be an archive URL 
(and potentially the mid).

That said, is there any proposal to use the day in month in other 
references as well? For instance, W3C specs do have it in their 
boilerplate, so it's not clear why we wouldn't include that as well...

Best regards, Julian

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