[rfc-i] [IAB] draft-iab-xml2rfc-03, "1.3.3 Elements and Attributes Deprecated from v2"

Joe Hildebrand (jhildebr) jhildebr at cisco.com
Tue Mar 15 15:20:51 PDT 2016

On 3/15/16, 4:12 PM, "Julian Reschke" <julian.reschke at gmx.de> wrote:

>> I think the intent is that anytime there is text inside the xref, it acts like format="none", and the format attribute would be ignored.
>Well, that would be a breaking change from v2!

The last time we talked about this, nobody wanted to specify what happens if there is text inside the xref, and the format isn't "none".  If we want to specify these, by, for example, calling all of those an error, I'd be fine with it.

Joe Hildebrand

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