[rfc-i] Relative attribute and the # character

Joe Hildebrand (jhildebr) jhildebr at cisco.com
Wed May 27 12:03:15 PDT 2015

On 5/27/15, 9:05 AM, "rfc-interest on behalf of Paul Hoffman" <rfc-interest-bounces at rfc-editor.org on behalf of paul.hoffman at vpnc.org> wrote:

>Do folks here agree that, if they are going to specify an anchor for a relative link, they need to give it exactly (including the preceding "#" or "/")? That would make the feature more flexible, although it means people needing to understand how to do relative links better than they might. Personally, I think that restriction is OK.

also "?", which I could imagine for docs that have built-in search capabilities, for instance.

I'm ok with this change.  I think the prep tool might want to try to fetch the derived URI if it knows the protocol scheme (warning if it doesn't), and warn (or error?) if the doc doesn't exist.

Joe Hildebrand

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