[rfc-i] New Version Notification for draft-hoffman-xml2rfc-16.txt

Paul Hoffman paul.hoffman at vpnc.org
Mon Aug 31 17:43:23 PDT 2015

On 28 Aug 2015, at 6:12, Miek Gieben wrote:

> [ Quoting <paul.hoffman at vpnc.org> in "Re: [rfc-i] New Version 
> Notificatio..." ]
>> On Mar 4, 2015, at 1:11 PM, Miek Gieben <miek at miek.nl> wrote:
>>> Thanks for this. What is now the best way to get the .rng with 
>>> xml:base in it?
>>> (I agree with the decision not to muddle the rng in the draft with 
>>> this)
>> Tooling. Julian/I will write some Perl/Python code to take the 
>> document's RNG and sprinkle xml:base and xml:lang liberally 
>> throughout.
> Has this happenend? I want to revalidate against the latest draft.

I didn't add it to the latest draft that came out today, but it will be 
in the next draft. If you want to grab the current RNG and RNC, they are 
in the SVN repo now as r2021 or later.

--Paul Hoffman

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