[rfc-i] xml.resource.org

Tony Hansen tony at att.com
Thu May 22 18:18:18 PDT 2014

On 5/22/14, 6:34 PM, Stewart Bryant wrote:
> Sure, but it is fundamentally unacceptable for what is
> now a critical IETF resource to be run on the current
> basis.
> We need to take steps to move the on line XML2RFC
> compiler and it's support system over to a fully maintained
> IETF server with the same level of support that we get
> for the rest of our document production tools.

Bashing misconception time:

xml.resource.org currently does point at a fully maintained IETF server: 
grenache.tools.ietf.org. The problem is that grenache is currently down.

The real problem with the NAME xml.resource.org is that the name is 
currently a singleton that only points one place.

We need to get the NAME repurposed such that we can redirect it as need 
be to a different server OR point it at multiple redundant servers.

Once we do that, we can do lots of other things.

     Tony Hansen

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