[rfc-i] Comments in the canonical RFCs

Dave Thaler dthaler at microsoft.com
Fri May 9 09:35:01 PDT 2014

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> Any comments in the canonical XML should not relate to whatever is being
> specified.  That leaves very little to comment about, mostly xml2rfc-related
> matters:
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> Nico


The canonical format is canonical.
I think the canonical format needs to reflect IETF consensus as a result.
So unless we're going to last-call the XML version and expect people to read it,
then you have essentially no way to judge whether such comments reflect IETF

So as Nico mentions, about the only sort of comment that could remain would
be one about editing not about the readable content.   
<!-- The following boilerplate comes from <insert url here>. --> 
I don't know if there's enough value in keeping such comments to make the
RFC editing process take on the job of worrying about which type a comment is.


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