[rfc-i] Determining output type in v3

Julian Reschke julian.reschke at gmx.de
Thu May 8 08:14:05 PDT 2014

On 2014-05-08 16:56, Paul Hoffman wrote:
> On May 7, 2014, at 11:38 PM, Julian Reschke <julian.reschke at gmx.de> wrote:
>>> - Added the optional "outputType" to <rfc> to tell processors what kind of document is being produced: an Internet Draft, an RFC, or a private document.
>> This overlaps with the already existing information about draft name/RFC number and thus needlessly creates potential ambiguities.
> Correct. However, if the alternative is to rely on the style of name in rfc/@docName, that doesn't leave room for private documents, which is the motivation for this feature. I guess we could back out this addition and say "if docName starts with 'draft-', it will be formatted as a draft; if docName starts with 'rfc' it will be formatted as an RFC; if you want a private document, the docName must start with a different string".
> I kinda prefer a definitive statement such as outputType, but could easily go with heuristics based on docName.

Actually, docName will be empty for RFCs (we have the number attribute 
for RFCs...).

How about using "submissionType"; for instance, with a new value "private"?

Best regards, Julian

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