[rfc-i] xml2rfc media type and versioning

Erik Wilde dret at berkeley.edu
Tue Jan 28 00:01:50 PST 2014


looking at 
http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-reschke-xml2rfc-03#section-6.1 (the 
media type registration for the in the latest xml2rfc v2 vocabulary 
draft), i was wondering about the versioning aspect of the media type.

if it is intended to make v2 and v3 compatible in both directions (v2 
documents can be meaningfully processed by a v3 processor, and v3 
documents can be meaningfully processed by a v2 processor), then it 
definitely would be great to have just one media type. is such a 
versioning design planned?

if the answer to this question is yes, then i would propose that the 
xml2rfc v2 vocabulary draft gets an "extensibility model" section, in 
which it is explained what extension points the vocabulary has, and how 
processors have to handle them. v3 then needs to make sure that it stays 
within the bounds of this model.

if it is not planned to make v2/v3 fully compatible in this way, then i 
think it might be necessary to add some versioning strategy to the media 
type, so that processors can detect the version of a document and apply 
the correct processing model.

thanks and cheers,


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