[rfc-i] for v3: attribute for author to display multiple initials

Alice Russo arusso at amsl.com
Wed Jan 22 13:38:18 PST 2014

If an author wants multiple initials to appear in the output, there's currently a PI multiple-initials [1] that defaults to "no" and has some issues [2]. 

I suggest changing this to an attribute (that defaults to display of a single initial). For example:

   <author initials='J. A' surname="Doe" fullname="John A. Doe" mult-initials="yes">

to yield "J. A. Doe" in the header; "Doe, J. A." in refs typically.

   <author initials='JKL' surname="Doe" fullname="John Doe">

to yield "J. Doe" in the header; "Doe, J." in refs typically.

One reason for the default is that some of the XML citation library entries for old RFCs contain extra initials that should not appear in the output b/c the header of the RFC did not contain them and they have not previously been referenced with the extra initials.
Example: http://xml.resource.org/public/rfc/bibxml/reference.RFC.2475.xml

[1] related changeset:

[2] related ticket:


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