[rfc-i] Should Figures be allowed to float?

John Levine johnl at taugh.com
Sat Jan 11 10:13:53 PST 2014

>My impression is that this looks somewhat useful, but is probably more
>complicated than I'm willing to get in to for this round of format
>modifications.  My preference is to get the big changes done now, have
>everyone gain experience with those changes, and then look at what else
>will be of value to the authors and readers and editors of RFCs.

I agree it's not worth building in, particuarly when you consider the
wide range of devices that people are using to read stuff.  I read a
lot on tablets, and it's hard to imagine many tables that are narrow
enough to be worth wrapping around on a tablet screen.

On the other hand, I also have a question for the tools people: how
hard would be to add a "hint" parameter to XML objects that is just
passed through to back ends that can do something with it?  I'm
thinking of HTML classes and various latex hacks, so the hint could
suggest wrapping text to the right or left of an object, float it to
the top or bottom of a page, and so forth.  Back ends that don't
do that sort of thing would ignore it.


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