[rfc-i] I-D Action: draft-flanagan-nonascii-01.txt

Larry Masinter masinter at adobe.com
Sun Apr 27 23:56:10 PDT 2014

There are a number of unofficial lists of RFC authors.
The RFC Editor could maintain an "official" list of RFC authors (in addition to the current RFC Index):

Ascii short name, Unicode full name, RFC numbers (using the same Ascii short name), aliases (other ascii short names used)
    (dated) URLs

ASCII short names should be initial.lastname for western names, e.g., L.Masinter;  others should choose as makes professional sense and subject to editorial review.

Ask authors of new RFCs to indicate (in an RFC editor note) if they're using a different ASCII short name than was used for other RFCs.
(and to please indicate the most recent previous RFC and the ASCII name used in it. Please avoid if you can, give reason if you use a new name.
I'm reluctant to  put this in XML markup.

Ask authors to not choose the same ASCII name as another person, even in the rare case they have the exact same name (E.g., use a middle initial,  add a year of first RFC to the ASCII name)

This might appear in the style guide, adds a little overhead, can be fixed after-the-fact if need be.

If you really want an identifier, update RFC2648 to add:

urn:ietf:author:<ascii name>

While it might be possible to do something similar for affiliation/organization, the maintenance problems are deeper. Perhaps there may be an existential question about whether I'm the same person I was this morning,  but generally we handle personal identity. However, it's a little harder to judge whether an organization is the same after a split or merger or spin-off.


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