[rfc-i] Comments on draft-flanagan-nonascii-01

Elwyn Davies elwynd at folly.org.uk
Mon Apr 21 05:43:33 PDT 2014

Hi, Heather.

One point that I raised at the meeting in London:  If the same non-ascii
character or sequence appears several times should it be treated in the
same way as we currently treat abbreviations and only 'expanded' on
first appearance?   It could be extremely tedious both for writing and
reading if expanding it every time is mandatory.  A comment about how
this should be handled would be helpful.

A few minor comments:

s1, para 1:

[WARNING: Pedantry corner.]

> the language of the Series is English, a language that only
>    uses ASCII-encoded characters (ignoring for a moment words borrowed
>    from more richly decorated alphabets)

A slightly naïve view: The diëresis appears occasionally in standard
English.  I had forgotten it was a self-referential issue! :-)

s1, para 2: s/limits ASCII/limits to ASCII/

s3.1, para 1:  An example might be useful - e.g., café

s3.9: Presumably the country part should continue to use ISO-3166
identifiers and should not be non-ascii.  I would be inclined to allow
and even encourage authors to supply ascii equivalents for address
components in non-ascii components.


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