[rfc-i] "vanity" reference anchors

Dale R. Worley worley at alum.mit.edu
Fri Apr 18 07:37:50 PDT 2014

> From: Bjoern Hoehrmann <derhoermi at gmx.net>
> * Martin J. Dürst wrote:
> >But once we go beyond that, why should it be impossible to use a 
> >reference anchor of e.g. [Fältström99] for a document that Patrik 
> >Fältström wrote in 1999?
> (He probably wrote many documents that year and that he wrote them is
> probably not the most notable thing about them, so this kind of naming
> should be discouraged, regardless of the non-ASCII characters.)

That format is certainly popular in academic papers.  If a given name
wrote more than one paper in a year, they become [Fältström99a],
[Fältström99b], etc.

But IETF practice probably makes this sort of hash collision more
common -- a single set of authors writes a cluster of RFCs in one year
about one topic, and the whole set will often by referenced together.


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