[rfc-i] Reminder: xml2rfc v2 transition

John Levine johnl at taugh.com
Mon Apr 7 18:58:10 PDT 2014

>Though a tool to diagnose invalid XML would be generic, it doesn't
>depend on the particular schema involved.  Perhaps someone has written
>a tool that provides good diagnostics and we could reuse it?

The problem is that it will often report things like "unclosed <foo>"
at the end of the document.  Providing a useful guess about which
<foo> is the one that is missing the </foo>, particularly when the
foo's can be nested, requires a lot of heuristic knowledge of the way
that <foo> is likely to be used which is extremely specific to a
particular schema, not to mention requiring mind reading.

I concur with the advice to ask the list if you can't figure it out
yourself, since the response will usually be oh, yeah, that problem.


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