[rfc-i] RFCxx99 series should not be discontinued

Mark Atwood me at mark.atwood.name
Tue Oct 8 12:21:29 PDT 2013


I would like to express my concern about retiring the xx99 RFCs. I
think they still fill a need, especially over longer periods of time,
and should not be discontinued.

It was stated that they are no longer needed because "up to date
information" is available online, and the RFC search engine is
mentioned. This makes RFC indexing dependent on the operation of
external applications, such as RFC search, or Google, or whatever.
While I am sure that the operators of the RFC search engine and of
Google firmly plan on operating their service for the duration, the
"duration" can end or be interrupted (as is being discovered by all
the users of the NIST web document servers right now).

Also, the RFC docs have been and will only continue to be important
historical and foundational documents, and should have their own
in-line canonical summary index in the same format, for inclusion into
larger document collections, and into historical archives and

Does it cost IETF anything to keep creating the xx99's?

They should not be discontinued.

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