[rfc-i] "Strawman" -03 and next steps on draft-iab-rfcformatreq

Bernard Aboba bernard.aboba at gmail.com
Sat Mar 9 17:31:47 PST 2013

Heather has sent me a strawperson -03 of draft-iab-rfcformatreq, which is
available for inspection here:

A glance at TRAC shows that there are now 3 open issues (of the 17 that
were filed in Call for Comment):

Here is my suggestion about next steps:

a. Please take a look at the -03 strawperson. Send comments to the
RFC-interest list and/or file them in TRAC.
b. If you have an issue that has been closed in TRAC, let us know if the
issue has been addressed to your satisfaction (or not)by responding on the
thread relating to that issue #.
c. If you have any ideas on textual changes to close the 3 open issues,
please post those as well.

In terms of activities planned for IETF 86,  Heather will make a short (15
minute) presentation at the Technical Plenary.  The slides are currently
available on the materials management site.   The Open Mike will follow.
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