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#270: Resources associated with allowing UTF-8 in RFCs (Section 3.3)

Changes (by hlflanagan at gmail.com):

 * status:  new => closed
 * resolution:   => fixed


 The text for the ASCII requirement has been modified to:

       *  The official language of the RFC Series is English.  ASCII is
          required for all text that must be read to understand or
          implement the technology described in the RFC.  Use of non-
          ASCII characters, expressed in a standard Unicode Encoding Form
          (such as UTF-8), must receive explicit approval from the
          document stream manager and will be allowed after the rules for
          the common use cases are defined in the Style Guide.

 I have also started a document to capture some further details that must
 go in the Style Guide regarding when and where Unicode code points will be
 required in a document using the UTF-8 character set.  That level of
 detail does not belong in the Requirements document, however, so I
 consider the response to this particular ticket complete.

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