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#294: file size

Comment (by nico at cryptonector.com):

 Interestingly enough using xml2rfc yields a size increase factor of 10% or
 so when producing .txt output.  Requesting unpaginated text output still
 yields a small decrease.  HTML rendering with Greenbytes' XSL yields a
 size increase factor of about 17% relative to .txt.

 The XML in question is pretty-printed too, with xmllint.  So it's got
 extra whitespace, but it also has long lines as it's emitted by another
 tool (lyx2rfc).  For manually-maintained XML, with text wrapped to keep
 lines shorter than 80 columns, the expansion ratio when outputting .txt is
 much closer to 1.

 For some random RFCs I picked (5587, 5661, 5280) PDF is actually smaller
 than .txt.  For RFC1305 this is still true except that the PDF with images
 is bigger by 44%.

 I'm curious as to what the format of the large attachment you mention was.

 On a different note, I don't care for a size expansion limit at all.  No
 one would anyone propose an output format with a size expansion factor of,
 say, 1 million -- let's be realistic :)  Some rules are obvious enough and
 don't need stating explicitly.  In any case, a size expansion limit of 2
 is much too small a limit.

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