[rfc-i] RFC 6234 code

John C Klensin john-ietf at jck.com
Sat Jun 29 14:25:08 PDT 2013

--On Friday, June 28, 2013 16:41 -0400 Joe Abley
<jabley at hopcount.ca> wrote:

>> If you really think you see a legal difference in doing the
>> second, fine; I propose that you are just searching for
>> problems that do not exist.
> Quite possibly they don't, and I'm not presuming to talk for
> John. But the vague thoughts that crossed my mine were the
> issues that allowed Phil Zimmerman to publish PGP source code
> in book form and avoid conviction for munitions export without
> a licence.

That was one of the examples I had in mind, along with a few

However, given Paul's extensive legal experience and knowledge
of the details and applicability of export regulations and
associated case law, I apologize for wasting the time of people
on the list by raising this obviously spurious issue.  I am
delighted that, on the basis of that knowledge and experience,
Paul was willing to step in on this issue and assure us that
there is nothing to worry about.


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