[rfc-i] Something clearly needs to change (was: [IAB] RSOC Appointments)

SM sm at resistor.net
Tue Jun 25 15:05:09 PDT 2013

Hi Bernard, Eliot,
At 11:48 25-06-2013, Bernard Aboba wrote:
>Thanks for bringing this up.  Over the last year it seems to have 
>become harder to recruit candidates for many IETF roles. Re-running 
>calls for candidates is becoming common - once, twice, even three 
>times.  This makes it difficult to meet a timeline for appointments, 
>and turns recruiting into a continuous ongoing activity.
>Something clearly needs to change. New programs (e.g. Mentoring), 
>new processes, new blood.


At 13:07 25-06-2013, Eliot Lear wrote:
>Indeed.  Propose changes!  We're all listening!

I should take this thread back to the SDO mailing list.  I'll leave 
it here. :-)

Having recruiting as a continuous ongoing activity means that you 
have less time to do other work, or take a break.  The problem is 
that it is difficult to recruit candidates.  My guess is that there 
is a need for the short term and the long term.  It is extremely 
difficult to find candidates for the short term. :-(  There hasn't 
been any women [1] contributors on the rfc-interest mailing since a 
long time.  The IAB members I approached to help with mentoring were 
helpful.  The problem is spotting talent and encouraging them to 
stay.  It could be about having a venue where people can ask 
questions, learn how things work, learn, for example, what the IAB 
would like to see in a RSOC member.

As a first step I suggest reviving edu-discuss at .  If you are going to 
have a discussion which is not going to end up in some RFC, wikify 
it.  You can informally use the discussions and the Wiki to assess 
the extent of contributions.  Please note that this is not about who 
is right or who has the last word, etc. (see Thomas Narten's comment).

As a note to Dave, it's not me; it's the team.  I am really serious 
about this.  I am amazed by what each of you have done.  Everyone has 
helped in their own way and people have gone out of their way to help.


1. I am using women as an example. 

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