[rfc-i] [IAB] RSOC Appointments

SM sm at resistor.net
Tue Jun 25 11:26:34 PDT 2013

Hi Dave,
At 10:58 25-06-2013, Dave Crocker wrote:
>Announcements were sent to everyone in the community who subscribed 
>to the relevant list(s).  You are saying that those actions were not 
>sufficient.  I can't tell what you believe they should have done in 
>addition, and therefore I can't form an opinion about whether it's 
>reasonable to require such actions.
>Those running the process have some responsibilities.  Those 
>interested in the process have some responsibilities.  Those who 
>might be candidates have some responsibilities.

I am not saying that people never do enough.  I understand that 
people are busy, have responsibilities, etc.

>So the question is what is reasonable to expect from our volunteers 
>who run things?  Simply saying "more" is not helpful.


>That is, my questions to you are intended to look for the balance 
>amongst those groups.  Who is supposed to do what, specifically?

The IAB is doing the appointments.  I am aware that they have a 
limited amount of time.  If the candidate pool does not have, for 
example, any women it can be because of:

   (a) lack of interest

   (b) nobody with the required qualifications

   (c) people are busy

   (d) lack of understanding of what is being asked

It is difficult to tackle items (a) to (c).  It is possible to tackle 
(d) by talking to people to explain what the expectations are.  Some 
people may be shy to apply.  The IAB can decide whether it is 
important enough to do, for example, (d) and how to do it.  Please 
note that I am not talking about who is appointed.  This is basically 
about having a broader pool to choose from.


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