[rfc-i] [IAB] RSOC Appointments

SM sm at resistor.net
Tue Jun 25 09:07:27 PDT 2013

Hi John,

I assume that people interested in RSOC stuff will be subscribed to 
the relevant mailing list.

At 07:42 25-06-2013, John C Klensin wrote:
>I haven't looked at the volunteer pool, but all of the new
>appointees are also North American or European.

I have looked at the volunteer pool.  Two persons are from outside 
North America and Europe.  There wasn't any women.

>was somehow missing or secret.   My personal view is that more
>explicitness about the description would have made little or no
>difference in the applicant pool as long as the announcement
>itself was made exclusively within IETF community mailing lists.


>More broadly, anyone in the community with real interest in the
>topics that the RSOC addresses would presumably have followed at
>least some of the contents of RFC 6635, 4844, and related
>documents; the rfc-interest list; a few recent BOFs or their
>minutes; RFC Editor reports in plenaries; etc.  While I have no

That's what missing in the discussion.  As I mentioned to the IAB 
Chair it is about giving everyone a fair chance instead of expecting 
everyone outside the loop to learn the intricacies on their own.

>come from the same person or subset of people.  While recruiting
>candidate IESG members from outside the IETF community would be,
>IMO, pretty silly, that constraint doesn't apply to the RSOC
>(give the description above and actual experience).  It would
>have been, at least IMO, reasonable for the IAB to try to
>recruit potential RSOC members from broader communities,
>communities in which some of that expertise would be more
>broadly available than it is among "normal" IETF participants or
>the subset of us that carefully track IETF-announce or are
>active on this list.   As people have commented in other

One of the points in the above is recruiting potential RSOC 
members.  I don't know whether the IAB is doing that.  The usual 
approach means that the IAB can end with a volunteer pool which is 
mediocre or "it's business as usual".


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