[rfc-i] The errata issue [Re: Community Input Sought on SOWs for RFC Production Center and RFC Publisher]

SM sm at resistor.net
Sat Aug 17 23:13:46 PDT 2013

Hi Brian,
At 20:00 17-08-2013, Brian E Carpenter wrote:
>For the IETF stream, certainly. But there are three other streams, and
>it seems more like an editorial function than a publishing function to
>dispatch errata to the streams and ensure that they eventually reply.

Errata does not have anything to do with the production of a 
RFC.  The process is basically to:

   (i)   Accept the report

   (ii)  Send a message to the relevant stream about the report

   (iii) Update the status of report (accepted, rejected, etc.)

There isn't any editorial work performed at the RFC Editor side.


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