[rfc-i] Community Input Sought on SOWs for RFC Production Center and RFC Publisher

SM sm at resistor.net
Fri Aug 16 16:26:56 PDT 2013

Hi Sandy,
At 13:16 16-08-2013, Sandy Ginoza wrote:
>Since the publication of RFC 5620, the RFC Editor has been working 
>to implement the RPC and Publisher split.  Based on our attempts to 
>create two separable entities per RFC 5620 and later RFC 6635, our 
>understanding of the motivations for splitting the RPC and Publisher 
>into distinct functions, and our discussions with the RSE, the RSE 
>has created a figure 
>to describe where the split resides in practice.  We believe the 
>figure accurately reflects the most practical split in terms of work 
>allocation and portability.

According to RFC 6635, the RFC Publisher:

  - Provides an on-line system to submit RFC Errata.

  - Provides on-line access to approved RFC Errata.

The figure shows those tasks on the RFC Production side.  I 
understand that it may not be practical to do it differently when 
taking work allocation into consideration.  However, it affects the 
separation of functions on which the RFC Editor model is based.

The "legal authentication" (I am reading this from a RFC 6635 angle) 
would be on the RFC Publisher side.  The "electronic signing and 
announcement" should also be on the RFC Publisher side.

Please note that I may have misread the figure.  Feel free to correct me.


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