[rfc-i] Community Input Sought on SOWs for RFC Production Center and RFC Publisher

SM sm at resistor.net
Tue Aug 13 16:38:03 PDT 2013

Hi Heather,
At 15:22 13-08-2013, Heather Flanagan (RFC Series Editor) wrote:
>This should more reasonably say current network best practices - it's
>not a standards-based question.

I'll say ok as I can always ask questions to RSOC if things go wrong. :-)

>The implication here is that the vendor continue to provide a high level
>of service, which given the evolution of technology is something of a
>moving target.

There is no such thing as "world-class IP support" except in 
marketing literature.  The IETF community (where the report is 
delivered) tends to be technical and might be skeptical when they 
hear such a term.

>Because that is where the vendor is based.

Ok. :-)

>I think this is actually fairly sane and has proved to be a reasonable
>provision in the past.  I would point to the incident on April 5 2012
>referred to below.

Nobody asked questions in the past for reasons which I prefer not to 
comment about.

>There was  one incident on April 5 2012 for 90 minutes starting at 8:54
>a.m.  A message was posted to rfc-interest with a summary

My initial comment was about down time.  I agree with AMS that the
game of hack vs. hack-prevention is a never-ending one.  However, I 
do have doubts when I am told that it requires an immediate shutdown 
without any notification.

There are two reports I am aware of:

  There was an IPv6-related issue in February


It would be better to hold RSOC accountable for all this. :-)


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