[rfc-i] Errata process

SM sm at resistor.net
Mon Apr 22 11:36:51 PDT 2013

Hi Martin,
At 09:25 22-04-2013, Martin Rex wrote:
>This is not "the Church of Internet Protocols", where consensus
>process or leadership decisions create "Proposed Standard Dogmas",
>that are sacred and immune to clarifications.

I don't think that Proposed Standards are sacred or immune to clarifications.

>Unless we want to riducule ourselves about the "Engineering" in IETF,
>we need a means to make clarifications available to implementors
>of Proposed Standards in a timely fashion.

And the way to do that might be by updating the specification.

>And we really need to get over the issue of document editors looking
>at errata as a personal offense.  Engineering is *NOT* about maintaining

There are some document editors who actually take the blame for mistakes.

There may be another way to criticize an IETF specification. :-)


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