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Fri Nov 9 09:49:00 PST 2012

On 09/11/2012 17:27, Russ Housley wrote:
> Heather:
>> On 11/9/12 11:05 AM, Russ Housley wrote:
>>> The minutes say:
>>> * room definitely split between people who feel a change is necessary at some level (argument about the word "necessary") and people who feel change is not necessary at this time
>>> This does not capture my experience.  I would say that people think it is not necessary, but people think it is very highly desirable for a new format to be available.  And, fairly soon.
>> Thanks, Russ.  That word "necessary" elicited some interesting feedback.

>From me, among others. In ultra-logical geek speak, "necessary" and "requirement"
are very strong words, roughly equal to "the world will FAIL if we don't
do this." That's why I hummed against "necessary."

I would have hummed for "very desirable".


>> With regards to making "a new format available", I think this reflects
>> the ongoing confusion regarding which format we're talking about
>> changing.  I read your statement as your understanding of a community
>> desire to make additional rendered formats available more than community
>> desire to make a single revised canonical format available.  Did I
>> understand that correctly?
> No.  I am not trying to express my view.  I am trying to have the minutes reflect what I heard in the room.
> You could capture the discussion regarding submission format vs. publication format, but that did not seem to apply to this sentence.
>> Any changes made will not happen in one fell swoop, so I don't know if
>> I'll hit the "fairly soon" mark in anyone's minds or not.  Actually, I'm
>> pretty sure I will totally miss the mark with some, be fine with others,
>> and so on.  I will certainly continue to move as quickly as seems
>> reasonable, taking in to account what both the RFC Editors and the
>> communities of interest can handle.
> I was addressing the "at this time" portion of the sentence in the draft minutes.
> People were talking about the RFC Production Center being able to produce RFCs in the new format about a year after a decision on the new format.  That is the new format is desired in the near term.
> Russ
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