[rfc-i] illustrations & equations rare: extra overhead for creating them acceptable

Larry Masinter masinter at adobe.com
Wed Mar 28 09:01:50 PDT 2012

> Just because some people want to use a 4" screen to read a doc doesn't mean we should worry about supporting that.
> At some point it's OK to say "that device is too small or dumb" for the full - or even a limited - viewing experience.

We're discussing a protocol update for a protocol that is well established and widely deployed, trying to reach rough consensus and running code on the protocol update.

If there are categories of agents which are widely used, we shouldn't ignore their requirements when designing the protocol update.

Lots of individuals (at the BOF and on the mailing list) say to read Internet Drafts and RFCs on their smartphones currently. So I think their requirements should be taken into account -- we shouldn't make their devices non-conforming. 

((Similarly, the ASCII text is quite accessible. We should avoid Unicode in running text which isn't. ))

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