[rfc-i] Potential RFC format approach: XML

John Levine johnl at taugh.com
Sat Mar 24 18:00:03 PDT 2012

>> We can't be that unique in our needs that we can't use commercial tools.
>Although I don't fully agree with this, I don't mind having that as a
>requirement.  Therefore, our choices are Word or HTML.

There are a wide variety of XML editors, you know.  Some are WYSIWYG,
some are just emacs-style text editors with a mode to help edit the

As a concrete example, a WYSWYG XML editor called xxe has a quite
usable freeware version, as well as a fancier paid version, and a
Google Code profile for editing xml2rfc.  It formats the text as you
write, like Word does.

I'm not a fan of WYSIWYG editors, but I find xxe no worse than Word.  It's
written in Java so it runs on lots of platforms.

See http://www.xmlmind.net/xmleditor/ for more info.  It's in the FreeBSD
ports collection, there's probably linux packages too.


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