[rfc-i] Internet Draft Format (was: Potential RFC format approach: HTML)

Fred Baker fred at cisco.com
Sat Mar 24 03:02:44 PDT 2012

Let me ask a relatively straightforward question along these lines that could be actionable within a finite timeframe.

Right now, the Secretariat will post drafts in four formats: .txt, .xml, .ps, and .pdf. The XML files are primarily for the convenience of the RFC Editor and communication within a working group and among co-authors - if .txt and .xml are uploaded together, there is little question what XML file produced the .txt. .pdf and .ps are considered auxiliary; you may upload them, but they are not normative.

It seems to me that the .html file produced by the xml2html XLS script could be uploaded in a similar manner, and treated in the same way we treat .pdf and .ps. What doing so would permit is experimentation with the format as a documentation convention, which would in turn let us experiment with community-provided tools etc. If the experiment works out, there are some further discussions we could have with tools-discuss and the IAOC.

Am I crazy?

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