[rfc-i] open issues: small and mobile screens

Joe Hildebrand jhildebr at cisco.com
Tue Jun 5 22:05:25 PDT 2012

On 6/5/12 7:26 PM, "Bjoern Hoehrmann" <derhoermi at gmx.net> wrote:

> * Joe Hildebrand wrote:
>> On 6/5/12 1:28 PM, "Julian Reschke" <julian.reschke at gmx.de> wrote:
>>>> As a first approximation maybe, but my experiences with user agent sniffing
>>>> haven't been uniformly favorable.
>>> Isn't this what CSS media queries are for?
>> @media (max-width:500px) { Š }
> (Joe's mail declares ISO-8859-1, but the above refers to the octet 0x8A,
> which ISO-8859-1 assigns no meaning to. I'd guess this is supposed to be
> a Horizontal Ellipsis, but I am not sure which encoding would result in
> this kind of mangling. S with caron does not make much sense above. Just
> saying, since we are discussing non-ASCII in a neighbouring thread...)

I blame Microsoft for the mis-coding, and myself for the lack of editing.
I'm still using Entourage (ick) for another month or so.

It was meant to be U+2026, HORIZONTAL ELLIPSIS, which snuck in when I
copy/pasted from the w3c spec: http://www.w3.org/TR/css3-mediaqueries/,
Example 5.

Joe Hildebrand

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