[rfc-i] open issues: character sets of examples

John R Levine johnl at taugh.com
Tue Jun 5 02:46:08 PDT 2012

>> Wow, what a lot of broken software.  I use Alpine in a gnome-term in
>> UTF-8 mode, and it works fine.  Alpine is quite able to look at the
>> character sets in message headers and render them appropriately, even
>> when they're not UTF-8.
> Nope -- your assumptions are flawed.
> A lot of my Mail and News archives do not have mime headers or charset
> specifier, and a fraction of it uses an incorrect charset specifier.

Yes, it's broken.  But it's absurd to argue that because you have broken 
software, the IETF can't use sensible standard ways to handle non-ASCII 

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