[rfc-i] RFC format: any discussions at the Paris IETF?

John Levine johnl at taugh.com
Wed Feb 29 08:10:18 PST 2012

>Looks like we have a formal BoF, on the agenda and everything.  Time =
>Tuesday @ 17:10-18:10.  I'll also be spending a lot of time at the RFC
>Editor desk in case folks don't know what I look like.
>Nevil Brownlee, ISE, has offered to be co-chair of the BoF and help me
>turn over the tables and duck behind them if and when things get

Unless someone objects, I'm putting together a short preso about
the formats we use now (line printer image aka plain ASCII, nroff,
and xml2rfc), issues with current format (non-ASCII names, other
non-ASCII text, graphics, metadata), and some considerations about
any formats we might want to use (e.g., stable, open, adequate tools,
unpaid draft authors can and will use them).


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