[rfc-i] Pre-qualifying errata [was Re: Errata proposal]

SM sm at resistor.net
Tue Aug 21 12:30:55 PDT 2012

At 12:09 21-08-2012, Marc Petit-Huguenin wrote:
>Again, I am not asking for more than giving a chance for people to talk with
>human beings before submitting an errata.  It's their choice, obviously, but I
>do not see the downside of kindly explaining that beforehand interactions with
>the people who knows this stuff may be beneficial for everybody.

Suggested text:

   We attach the names of real people, who get both credit and blame, in
   published RFCs.  The author of a RFC can be contacted about unreported
   errors in a published RFC.

>In fact the only technical problem I see here is how to give them the means to
>communicate with these persons, if they wish to do so.

Well, there is an email address under Author's address. :-)


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