[rfc-i] Pre-qualifying errata [was Re: Errata proposal]

SM sm at resistor.net
Tue Aug 21 09:37:14 PDT 2012

At 07:38 21-08-2012, Marc Petit-Huguenin wrote:
>I think that the text should include a default mailing-list in case authors
>emails are no longer valid and there is no obvious mailing-list to send a
>message to.  Something like this:
>"We strongly suggest to discuss with the authors of the RFC or in the
>mailing-list that originated this RFC before submitting a new errata.  In last
>resort, the discussion about a new erratum can be started on ietf at ietf.org."

The RFC Series comprises several streams.  The IETF Stream is the 
major one.  There isn't always a mailing list for discussion about a 
RFC.  If I look at RFC 2119, for example, I cannot tell whether an 
erratum against it should be discussed on the ietf at ietf.org mailing 
list.  There is also the problem of the author's email address no 
longer being valid.

If I am not mistaken the errata system was created so that an author 
does not have to repeat the same answers year in year out.  There are 
larger questions.  I'll skip them for now.  The message that 
generated this thread mentioned that a user confused the Errata 
system with stackoverflow.  If an erratum is rejected it is less 
probable to see the same report again.


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