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Acrobat 7.x did NOT implement the full PDF/A standard - it was (correctly) labeled as Draft.  So don't even bother working with that.  Additionally, JHOVE isn't a complete validator either (and the documentation states that).   If you can't get yourself a proper validator for your own system, consider using one of the many online validitors.

However, last time I checked, FOP did a good job of generating PDF/A-1b documents that would pass validation of a correct validator.

There are also numerous other open source tools for PDF/A generation from Open/Libre Office and Scribus to libraries such as iText and Ghostscript.   

Open Source support for PDF/A (at least Part 1) is definitely NOT a problem. 


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we were discussing previously how to generate PDF/A with open source code -- I just stumbled upon

" PDF/A-1b is implemented to the degree that FOP supports the creation of the elements described in ISO 19005-1.

Tests have been performed against jHove and Adobe Acrobat 7.0.7 (Preflight function). FOP does not validate completely against Apago's PDF Appraiser. Reasons unknown due to lack of a full license to get a detailed error protocol."

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