[rfc-i] prototype xml2rfc creation wizard tool

Bjoern Hoehrmann derhoermi at gmx.net
Wed Mar 30 04:55:19 PDT 2011

* Tony Hansen wrote:
>Please try it out: http://xml.resource.org/xml2rfc-wizard

Having the same button to get started twice on the main page is a bit
confusing. I would probably prefer if there was no button you need to
click to get going.

"Is your draft associated with any particular Working Group?" had me
confused, I was going to enter "no" but that's probably wrong.

The form to add the author is a bit overwhelming, I think it would be
better to remove all the non-essential ones. If you are going to edit
the XML by hand later, figuring out how to get the non-essential data
in should be easy enough.

"Is this author an editor of the document?" I am not sure is a good

It might be a good idea to also show how the xml2rfc formatted output
looks so far, if that is possible, so you get a better feeling of this

There seem to be a couple of bugs. The draft I made with it had errors

  [Error] INPUT:41:17: The content of element type "address" must match "(postal?,phone?,facsimile?,email?,uri?)".
  [Error] INPUT:58:88: Attribute value "mailto:xyz at example.org" of type IDREF must be an NCName when namespaces are enabled.
  [Error] INPUT:225:18: The content of element type "references" is incomplete, it must match "(reference)+".

Seems the order of children in the address element is wrong, the text
`... being discussed on the <xref target="mailto:xyz at example.org"/>
mailing list.` probably uses the wrong reference type, and I take it
if you do not have informative references no <references> element
should be generated.
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