[rfc-i] Signing RFCs

Russ Housley housley at vigilsec.com
Wed Jun 29 08:56:36 PDT 2011


>> That said, the is no way to test this theory without signing the documents.
> I seriously doubt the digital signature laws will, for documents which are signed, will significantly reduces subpoenas for true copies of documents… as relying on a digital signature implies having an expert to testify to the validity of signature.  It far easier to subpoena a true and accurate copy of a document from its publisher.
> Regardless, they will need to hire an expert to testify as to whether two purported copies of the same document are copies of the same document.   The IETF, or any of its associated organizations, should not offer expert testimony.

Subpoenas do not have anything to do with things that we are offering.

So far, we have been able to have the RFC Editor (most recently Bob Braden) explain the processes used by the RFC Editor in order to provide confidence that the content of the file was unchanged from the date on the title page.  So far, we have not had to go to court to do so.  It would be great if the digital signature could eliminate this step too.


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