[rfc-i] FYI sub-series and RFC 1150 - proposal to update

Russ Housley housley at vigilsec.com
Fri Jun 10 10:27:01 PDT 2011


Do you really think that these will help anyone reading RFC 2223 or RFC 5741?

RFC 2223 is very out of date.  It need to major revision.

The reference to RFC 1150 in RFC 5741 is not a major point.  Rather, it says that RFCs can have other labels like BCP and FYI.  That remains true.  We will surely assign more BCP labels.  We are not stripping FYI off any existing RFCs.


On Jun 10, 2011, at 12:26 AM, Mykyta Yevstifeyev wrote:

> Hello again,
> One additional comment to -01.
> I think the document should update RFC 2223 and RFC 5741 to reflect deprecating use of "FYI: xx" in RFC headers.  I propose:
> In the header I propose to add: "Updates: 2223, 5741"; in Section 2, after 3rd paragraph - to add:
>> This document updates RFC 2223 [RFC2223] and RFC 5741 [RFC5741] to deprecate use of FYI sub-series identifier in RFC headers.  Upon approval of this document, they should never occur there.
> Thanks,
> Mykyta Yevstifeyev
> 09.06.2011 12:55, Mykyta Yevstifeyev wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Russ, thanks for this update.  The -01 makes a number of changes which really improve the document.  It incorporates almost all of my comments, except the following, I see:
>>> I think acknowledgments to Gary Malkin and Joyce Reynolds, who are the authors of RFC 1150, should also go in your document. 
>> My opinion is still the same while I see no Acknowledgments section in the draft.
>> Another tiny comment:
>> Section 6.2 currently says:
>>>   [INDEX]    http://www.rfc-editor.org/fyi-index.html
>> I propose:
>>>   [INDEX]    RFC Editor, "For Your Information (FYI) Sub-Series", Web Page, Undated. <http://www.rfc-editor.org/categories/rfc-fyi.html>
>> Why I propose <http://www.rfc-editor.org/categories/rfc-fyi.html> rather than <ttp://www.rfc-editor.org/fyi-index.html> is that the current link is just RFC Index with FYIs on top.  The proposed link is dedicated to FYIs only.
>> I see Adrian Farrel agreed to sponsor the document, so we may anticipate its quick processing.
>> All the best,
>> Mykyta Yevstifeyev
>> 06.06.2011 20:22, Russ Housley wrote:
>>> A new version of this I-D has bee posted that includes the comments from this mail list.  I have found an AD that is willing to sponsor the document, and I will be asking him to proceed with publication.
>>> Filename:     draft-iesg-rfc1150bis
>>> Revision:     01
>>> Title:         Conclusion of FYI RFC Sub-series
>>> Creation date:     2011-06-06
>>> WG ID:         IESG
>>> Number of pages: 3
>>> Abstract:
>>>   This document concludes the For Your Information (FYI) sub-series of
>>>   RFCs, established by RFC 1150 for use by the IETF User Services Area,
>>>   which no longer exists.  The IESG does not intend to make any further
>>>   additions to this RFC sub-series, and this document provides a record
>>>   of this decision.  This document also obsoletes RFC 1150 and changes
>>>   the status of RFC 1150 to Historic.
>>> Thanks for your review,
>>>   Russ
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