[rfc-i] "Work in Progress" and "Working Draft" in draft-carpenter-rfc-citation-recs-00

Paul Hoffman paul.hoffman at vpnc.org
Thu Feb 17 08:45:43 PST 2011

On 2/16/11 7:48 AM, Alice Hagens wrote:
> Why is "IETF-track" is mentioned here, especially if the recommendations are for any stream to adopt as they see fit?

Because, at least as the committee saw it, RFC 2026 applies only to IETF 
stream RFCs that are on standards-track. The relevant text from RFC 2026 is:

    Note: It is acceptable to reference a standards-track specification
    that may reasonably be expected to be published as an RFC using the
    phrase "Work in Progress"  without referencing an Internet-Draft.
    This may also be done in a standards track document itself  as long
    as the specification in which the reference is made would stand as a
    complete and understandable document with or without the reference to
    the "Work in Progress".

Updating RFC 2026 seems to be a third rail issue for the IETF (as in "Do 
not touch! You will be killed!"), so we did the best we could.

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