[rfc-i] RSOC oversight role

Andrew Sullivan ajs at shinkuro.com
Wed Feb 16 08:13:28 PST 2011

On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 08:01:35AM -0800, Dave CROCKER wrote:

> Are we so short on resources that we need people to be doing these 
> fundamentally different jobs?

Um, yes?  Look at the tiny number of participants in this discussion
(and, I can't help but notice, their average age and length of
participation in the IETF).  Look at the even tinier number of people
who have managed to participate consistently.  Look at the population
at the microphones at any IETF meeting (and yes, Dave, I'm looking at
you), or the active contributors on any WG list.

> ps. This issue also peppers working groups, in which chairs have a 
> reduced ability to facilitate sometimes challenging working group process 
> because they have also be acting as an individual contributor.

That would seem to me to be evidence that, in spite of all that, we
somehow manage to soldier on with WG chairs actively participating
along with the other 10 or so really active participants.  WGs
wouldn't accept a chair who was a good administrator but clueless
about the topic, and since IETF work is hardly a generous employer,
one has to have a stake in the questions at hand if one is going to
devote the kind of time to it required of even a WG chair.  


Andrew Sullivan
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