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Ted Hardie ted.ietf at gmail.com
Tue Feb 15 21:44:28 PST 2011

On Tue, Feb 15, 2011 at 7:44 PM, Glenn Kowack <glenn at riveronce.com> wrote:
> In order to maintain a clear line between the oversight role of the
> RSOC and the development role of the RSE, I recommend adding
> the following sentence to Section 3 of draft-kolkman-rse-2011-02,
> probably immediately after the 3rd sentence:
> "RSOC and its members should abstain from direct participation
> in policy-making or formation of policy-making committees, which
> would interfere with RSOC's oversight role."

You know, this suggestion runs counter to my experience of what happens
when an IETF oversight body refrains from speaking until the end of the process.
That way lies "late surprise", community resentment and bad feeling on
both sides.
Or, I suppose, defining the RSOC as an oversight body that only ensures that
the RSE followed a process, rather than reviewing the actual policies

Speaking only for myself, I would much rather have RSOC members who
were fully engaged from the beginning--not least because it will tell them
when their own view is an outlier, which turns out to be a darned handy
piece of data to have.

best regards,

Ted Hardie

> FYI, Section 3 follows:
> ___
> 3.  RSE oversight
>  The IAB is responsible for oversight over the RFC Series.
>  In order to provide continuity over periods longer than the nomcom
>  appointment cycle and assure that oversight is informed through
>  subject matter experts the IAB will establish a group that implements
>  oversight for the IAB, the RFC Series Oversight Committee (RSOC).
>  The RSOC will act with authority delegated from the IAB: In general
>  it will be the RSOC that will approve consensus policy and vision
>  documents as developed by the RSE in collaboration with the
>  community.
>  In those general cases the IAB is ultimately responsible for
>  oversight and acts as a body for appeal and resolution.
>  For all aspects that affect the RSE itself (e.g. hiring and firing)
>  the RSOC prepares recommendations for the IAB but final decision is
>  the responsibility of the IAB.  For instance the RSOC would:
>  o  perform annual reviews of the RSE and reports to the IAB.
>  o  manage RSE candidate selection and advises the IAB on candidate
>     appointment (in other words select the RSE, subject to IAB
>     approval)
>  It is expected that such oversight by the IAB is a matter of due
>  diligence and that the reports and recommendations from the RSOC are
>  approached as if they are binding.
>  There is one aspect in which the RSOC will work with the IASA: the
>  renumeration of the RSE itself.  The RSOC will propose a budget for
>  approval to the IASA.
>  The RSOC will be responsible to ensure that the RFC Series is run in
>  a transparent and accountable manner.
>  The RSOC shall develop and publish its own rules of order.
> __
> thanks,
> Glenn
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