[rfc-i] Possible new text re I-Ds [RFC citations committee I-D issued]

Bob Hinden bob.hinden at gmail.com
Sat Feb 12 14:11:47 PST 2011

Reading through a series of emails on this thread after getting off a long flight, I note that from a practical sense as long as the reference includes the author and title, it will be easy for someone to find all of the old drafts by entering this information in a search engine.  For example I entered into google:

  internet draft IPv6 Router Advertisement Options for DNS Configuration  Jeong

and found links to the old versions (including a link to the tools page with links all of the drafts and the published RFC in this case).

What every the problem we are solving here, it's not actually finding the actual documents.  

Hope this is an helpful observation.


On Feb 12, 2011, at 1:26 PM, Scott O. Bradner wrote:

>> I think that's at the root of the argument. Current practice
>> is to follow what 2026 says for normative references, which is
>> entirely correct IMHO. But the practice for other reasons for
>> references to drafts really needs some fexibility.
> fwiw - I think that, in most cases, refering to a specific verion of
> an ID is a way to guarantee that the resuting RFC will be obsolete
> before it is published (except for the specific cases that I
> mentioned in my prior email)
> does not seem to be a good idea to purposefully set up procedures
> to publish obsolete RFCs
> Scott
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