[rfc-i] Possible new text re I-Ds [RFC citations committee I-D issued]

Brian E Carpenter brian.e.carpenter at gmail.com
Fri Feb 11 17:11:31 PST 2011

How about adding something like this as a new second paragraph of
section 4:

It is not a matter of RFC Editor policy whether RFCs in a particular
stream [RFC4844] are allowed to cite Internet-Drafts. Each stream
should establish its own policy and criteria in this regard; for example,
it is clear from RFC 2026 that IETF standards track documents must
not cite I-Ds as normative references. In this document, we only
consider the practical issues in the format of such citations, not
whether they should occur.

And then in section 6, start by saying something like:

It is a matter of fact that many documents written and published
outside the RFC process cite Internet-Drafts, despite their
ephemeral nature. Without condoning this practice, we offer some
suggestions as to how such citations should be made.

   Brian Carpenter

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