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Henning Schulzrinne hgs at cs.columbia.edu
Fri Feb 11 08:17:18 PST 2011

The closest we have for a permanent URL is the DOI system, used by both IEEE and ACM (among others, but they are most relevant). Random example for ACM


On Feb 11, 2011, at 11:14 AM, RJ Atkinson wrote:

> Earlier, Ted Hardie wrote:
>> Note that URNs are available for this, so that you can have long term
>> identifier without reference to who hosts it.  See RFC 2648, which
>> has
>> draft-nss = "id:" string
>> The example the draft gives is:
>> urn:ietf:id:ietf-urn-ietf-06
>> Note that this cites a specific version.
> Sadly, no web browser that I use can locate an ID from
> a URN alone.  Apparently that is a common circumstance
> at present.
> I wish URNs were more widely useful in widely deployed tools,
> but sadly today they aren't.   I don't object to someone
> including a URN in a citation.   I also don't think that today
> (or in the near future) a URN in a citation helps a reader
> of the citation locate a copy of the cited document.
> Back to the root issue, whether to include a URL for I-Ds
> or not, the committee did discuss this.  The challenge in
> always including them appeared to be the perception that URLs 
> pointing to tools.ietf.org are not "stable enough" [1] combined 
> with the observation that I-D URLs offered at www.ietf.org 
> really do break after 6 months.
> If either the IETF declared tools.ietf.org to be a "production"
> "reliable" web server OR the IETF offered "permanent/long-lived"
> URLs for both current and historical IDs, then one imagines that
> particular committee recommendation might have been different.
> Cheers,
> Ran
> [1] I consider tools.ietf.org to be well maintained and highly
>    available, for my own part.
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