[rfc-i] Developing consensus, episode 2: Who chooses the Production Center and Publisher

Olaf Kolkman olaf at NLnetLabs.nl
Sun Feb 6 12:21:18 PST 2011

On Feb 1, 2011, at 3:04 PM, Paul Hoffman wrote:

> There was not a strong (or possibly even weak) consensus during the past month about who it was who gets the final say in the choice of the Production Center and the Publisher. In reading Section 2 of the proposed document, that is still unclear to me. The first three bullets say:
>   o  The RSE provides input to the IASA budget, statements of work, and
>      manages vendor selection processes.  The RSE performs annual
>      reviews of the Production and Publication function which are then
>      provided to IASA.
>   o  Vendor selection is done in cooperation with the streams.
>   o  The IASA has the responsibility to approve the total RSE budget
>      (and the authority to deny it) The RSE has the responsibility to
>      manage all the series functions within that budget.  It is assumed
>      that there is a level of cooperation between RSE and IASA that
>      allows decisions by the IASA to be 'pro forma'.  In case of
>      disagreement the IAB acts as mediator.
> The phrase "manages vendor selection processes" could be interpreted either as "is in charge of..." or "facilitates the discussion of...". Similarly, the third bullet only talks about IASA approving the budget, not the choice of vendor.
> None of those bullets say "The RSE chooses the Production Center and Publisher" or "The IASA chooses Production Center and Publisher", and one of those two statements should be made. I have a weak preference for one over the other, while others have stated much stronger preferences one way or the other.

When I say manages the vendor selection process then the RSE is expected to do that much along the line of the budgetary responsibilities i.e. She is expected to deliver a vendor recommendation that demonstrates due diligence with respect to budgetary boundary conditions and demonstrates an understanding of the relations between the streams and the selected vendors.

I would agree IASA has the final responsibility, but in the ideal case that would only be 'pro forma'. 



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