[rfc-i] Developing consensus, episode 2: Who chooses the Production Center and Publisher

Paul Hoffman paul.hoffman at vpnc.org
Sat Feb 5 20:19:27 PST 2011

On 2/5/11 7:06 PM, Joel M. Halpern wrote:
> I think that while the cases you describe could arise, they are NOT best
> dealt with by more precise rules.
> The general structure we have discussed, involving
> a) the RSE providing useable input to the work definition process, based
> on both the RSE's skills and community input
> b) with the IASA owning the responsibility for contracting, including
> final selection and negotiation
> c) with the RSE to provide advice and assistance as the IASA deems
> useful in those later stages
> seems to make sense.

Those are three precise rules that are not in the current document. They 
(or ones that define different entities who provide advice and who are 
responsible) should be in the document.

> There are already procedures in place to cope if anyone involved does
> something extremely stupid. Trying to tie peoples hands sufficiently so
> that they can not do stupid things, seems to me inevitably to lead to
> their hands being sufficiently tied that they can not do smart things.

Fully agree, but we don't even have a basis right now.

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