[rfc-i] Developing consensus, episode 2: Expected hours of work for the RSE

SM sm at resistor.net
Fri Feb 4 16:06:02 PST 2011

Hi Paul,
At 10:20 03-02-11, Paul Hoffman wrote:
>         Expected major projects, each taking 60 hours of dedicated time,
>                 two per year: 120 hr/year, or 10 hr/month
>         Passive following of rfc-interest, ietf-general: 5 hr/month
>         Lightweight following of interactions between authors
>                 and the Production Center: 8 hr/month

You listed 5 hours/month for passive following of the rfc-interest 
and ietf-general mailing lists which is approximately 10 minutes a 
day.  The rfc-interest mailing list is generally low volume except 
for the current round of discussions or the recurrent topics.  I 
would not consider the ietf-general mailing list as low volume 
especially if someone finds a horse to flog.  Ten minutes is quite 
short if someone has to figure out which are the dead horses.  There 
are some other IETF mailing lists that the TSRE follows.

In my uninformed opinion, understanding the community requires more 
than a passive following.  I don't know the amount of work Olaf did 
but getting to episode 2 does not look like a walk in the park.

The lightweight following of interactions between authors and the 
Production Center is estimated at 24 minutes a day.  I'll leave it to 
the TSRE to comment on whether that estimate is correct.

>Total: ~59 hr/month, or ~15 hr/week
>There will certainly need to be extra learning time in the first six
>months, as well as additional time for smaller spontaneous projects.
>Adding a generous 33% more hours, for a total of 20 hr/week, should
>be plenty for both the short term (learning but few spontaneous
>projects) and the long term.

Let's see what can happen after 20 hours a week.  The person can 
either clock out or else spend the extra hours working for free.  Any 
work that involves a community takes time.  Sometimes the larger part 
of the effort is not about getting actual work done.  There are times 
when it can even be considered as unproductive if the person holding 
the purse requires justification.  You have been around long enough 
to know how to fit the job within the expected hours.  That may not 
work out so well for someone "new".


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