[rfc-i] Developing consensus, episode 2: Expected hours of work for the RSE

Bob Braden braden at isi.edu
Fri Feb 4 12:43:08 PST 2011

Sorry I have been too busy to pay careful attention to this discussion, 
but you are evidently talking about a lighter-weight RSE than I had 
envisioned from earlier discussions and RFCs. Your RSE is essentially a 
bureaucrat, attending meetings, reading (but not responding to mailing 
lists, and writing reports.  I thought there was more to the job than that.
Some detailed comments below.

Bob Braden

On 2/3/2011 10:20 AM, Paul Hoffman wrote:
> This topic is still pretty vital to being part of the description, so 
> I'll toss in my own proposal, and am interested to hear different 
> ones. I structured these around the same organization that Glenn did 
> earlier.
> Meetings:
>     RFC Editor team weekly meetings, plus prep: 8 hr/month
>     IAB bi-monthly meetings, plus prep: 5 hr/month
>     IETF meetings: 24 day/year, or 16 hr/month
> Community:
>     Expected major projects, each taking 60 hours of dedicated time,
>         two per year: 120 hr/year, or 10 hr/month
>     Passive following of rfc-interest, ietf-general: 5 hr/month

You're kidding, right? How about an hour a day, or 20 days per month, 
for the last item?

>     Lightweight following of interactions between authors
>         and the Production Center: 8 hr/month

Probably low, in my experience.

I suspect this is low.
> Reporting:
>     Monthly summary of Production Center numbers: 4 hr/month
>     Annual summary review of Production Center and Publisher:
>         12 hr/year, or 1 hr/month
> Contract reviews:
>     Prepare SOW, help prepare RFP, help interview candidates:
>         48 hours every 2 years, or 2 hr/month
Again, you are way off. SOW, RFP, interviewing sounds like 2 weeks (80 
every two years.
> Total: ~59 hr/month, or ~15 hr/week
> There will certainly need to be extra learning time in the first six
> months, as well as additional time for smaller spontaneous projects.
> Adding a generous 33% more hours, for a total of 20 hr/week, should
> be plenty for both the short term (learning but few spontaneous
> projects) and the long term.
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