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The IAB is shepherding the process to evolve the RFC Editor function. This mail is intended to provide an update on the state of the process and to provide a timeline towards completion.

As you may remember the IAB appointed Glenn Kowack in February last year. Quoting from my mail of February 26th 2010 to IETF Announce 

> [Glenn's] main responsibility [2] is that of formulating the RSE as defined in RFC5620 in practice while critically reviewing all aspects of the model and its implementation. Specifically, Glenn will be working with the IAB, the RFC Series Advisory Group (RSAG, see RFC5620) as appropriate, the IAOC, and the community to refine the definition of the role and relationships of the RSE. This involves providing:
> (i) recommendations for changes to the RFC Series model structure, 
> (ii) recommendations for changes to the role and responsibilities of
>    the RFC Series Editor, and
> (iii) recommendations to effect the acquisition of an RFC Series
>    Editor.

Glenn has posted a rough draft of his recommendations as draft-kowack-rfc-editor-model-v2-00

As Glenn mentioned in his cover note, this version of the document has not been reviewed by the IAB and and the RFC Series Advisory Committee (RSAG, an advisory group for the IAB and the RFC Series Editor) comments to date have not yet been folded in. However we feel it is important that the community is informed about the framework that Glenn has designed.

The IAB wants to determine whether the high level requirements and rationale can count on community support by early December by following the following timeline:

Now: While it is clear that the current draft needs significant further development it will serve as the basis for first discussion during the Monday Plenary in Beijing.

Between now and November 8: The RSAG members will continue their input and suggest modifications. Glenn, the TSRE, will be collecting their, and possible community feedback.  During the Monday plenary he will present the high level recommendations as presented in the current draft and the diversions with their rationale as he has collected them by then and will be available for Q&A and discussion.

Monday November 22 or as much earlier as possible: A draft (version 01) reflecting the the input from the RSAG on the model will be published. 

Up to December 2: Your input is wanted. It is of importance that we keep the discussion on the high level and not digress to details. The details need to be reviewed and possibly refined  but we want to assess whether the chosen direction can count on support first. 

December 2: The RFC Editor will prepare an inventory of the comments with advice from the RSAG. The IAB will use that as input for deciding if the framework has sufficient potential and community support to continue in the direction as advised by the TRSE at that time.

December 8: The IAB will make a decision on the direction. Note that the IAB has taken no position on the proposals to date. It will be developing its position based on community discussion and RSAG advice. 

From that moment on the details of the proposal will need to be tweaked so that the IAB and IAOC can decide on the final model in January. I realize that this is an ambitious timeline and while the IAB will meet that schedule if at all possible, we are also going to work on contingency arrangements for when meeting that schedule is not possible.

I hope this outline provides sufficient information for those who are interested in participating in this discussion to plan their review and moment of feedback. 

The list used for discussion is rfc-interests at rfc-editor.org

For the IAB
--Olaf Kolkman

The Internet Architecture Board
iab-chair at iab.org

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